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Vanilla Couples ...

... or which guests visit the Desire Riviera Maya Resort.

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Temptation Cancun Resort

Temptation Cancun Resort

What are Vanilla Couples?

Today the term "swinger" is associated with many things and expectations. Among couples and singles, there are several groups with totally different interests. Vanilla couples are one of them.

Vanilla Couples

Vanilla couples are couples who are not being interested in exchanging partners.
Vanilla couples do not call themselves swinger. They are mostly new in ‘the swinging world’ and have the intention as not to slip into this world as well as they are not looking for a partner exchange.

Vanilla couples are simply erotically interested people.

The group of vanilla couples consists of many individuals, small and large groups (the list does not claim to be completed):

  • Erotically interested couples
  • Older couples> 65-year-old couples
  • Couples who do not want to be exchanged with other couples and have sex only with their own partner
  • Couples who want to experience erotic fantasies with their own partner
  • Open-minded couples who enjoy the sensual atmosphere of the hotel and the entertainment for adults
  • Nudists who are looking for a more luxurious ambience than it is known from typical simple and practical naturist offers.
Vanilla Couples

Couples which are coming to Desire Resort are staying there for a variety of reasons.

Hardcore swingers are often disenchanted by a suitable couple appearing and turning out to be a vanilla couple.

In in the hotels, vanilla couples were disappointing with the hardcore swingers.
If you spend your holiday in a swinger hotel you want to establish contacts with like-minded couples.

Vanilla couples are not swinger club visitors. Most of them are very tolerant, less perfectionist and enjoy life. Many call themselves cosmopolitans. At the Desire Resort, most of the guests are vanilla couples. This was also confirmed by a target group survey among our customers in February 2017.

We are not swingers!

Couples on the Beach

Swingers always call a smile into our fellow men's faces. Nobody has anything against swingers, but noboday really understands them. Why Couples go on holiday in a hotel where everyone has sex together ist not comprehensible to many people.

But is that true?
Being naked is a lifestyle for many people. Adult couples love the atmosphere on vacation where adults are simply alone. Many couples are looking for possibilities to realize their own fantasies, want to dare and try something new. Other couples want to rekindle the passion of their own relationship.

Especially women take advantage of the opportunity to dress sexy and erotically, in the Desire Resort they can do this without danger, in a safe environment, without being looked at wrong and the men love it. Voyeurism and exhibitionism go hand in hand here..



Softswinger, that's what we call the probably largest grouping in the Desire Resort, are couples who don't look for a partner swap but would like to get carried away. If it does not happen, they are not disappointed.
Many Softswingers haveSoftswinger don't go to the hotel for group sex. For many softswinger, the same is often true as for vanilla couples.

Softswingers are couples who are not necessarily on swinging mode or are looking specifically for it. When it happens, it is just fine, if not then not, also perfect. The Desire Resort is made for the vanilla couples as well as for the Softswingers. Both groups fulfill each other well and then hotel offers these couples exactly what they are looking for.

Desire Resort Restaurants

Desire Resort Restaurants

Desire Resort offers gourmet dining in 4 Restaurants, 2 of them are speciality Restaurants.


... the "unlucky onces" in the Hotel

The unlucky ones are often the hardcore swingers, the extroverted and experienced swingers, who are looking for constant fun and entertainment and know exactly with whom they want to run across. They are often not fullfilled and disappointed at the Desire Resort.

Hedonism II Resort

Hedonism II

Hardcore Swinger we recommend either to try the Hedonism II on Jamaica or to travel with friends who have the same interests. There's one thing you can't deny, both Desire Resort and Desire Pearl Resort Desire Pearl Resort are beautiful couples-only resorts for adult couples.

The Hedonism 2 in Jamaica goes a completely different way, this is the oldest Swinger Hotel in the world. Since more than 35 years. Hedonism II is an adult's only hotel. Singles are allowed, which also many couples like very much.

At the Desire Resort only a small part of the guests are hardcore swingers. The variety of couples in the hotel is not huge for Hardcore Swinger. If you as a hardcore swinger are tolerant of the situation, it will be a great holiday for you as well, we are sure.

Desire Resort vs. Desire Pearl Resort

Desire Pearl Resort

Consider that both resorts are not really big. The Desire Resort has 112 rooms and the Desire Pearl Resort has only 84 rooms. Both resorts are couples only resorts, both have the same concept, but both are different, apart from the location. If you want to know which hotel is the right one for you, please call us and we will be glad to advise you.

Naturists who like to spend their holidays without clothes will find at the Desire Resort one of the upscale hotels where this is possible. Naturists are certainly only in the hotel by mistake. Either because a travel agency wanted to sell something or because you couldn't use terms like lifestyle resort or open-minded and of course, the naturist may not be a naturist.

Naturists are advised not to visit the Desire Resort, as there are certainly cheaper and more targeted hotels than the Desire Resort. Nevertheless, you can still visit the Desire Resort to make nudism, the hotel calls itself clothing-optional. You don't have to be dressed, but you can.

Desire Resort Bars

Desire Resort Bars

Discover the 5 bars including a nightclub and a playroom for couples on the first floor of the lobby.


Persuaded to swing?

Disappointed couple

It won't work!
A group, mainly men, try to convince their wives to mix naked among people, always stumble with the secret hope of stumbling into a swing situation or to experience a threesome.

If it doesn't work out, the men are often disappointed and have to leave unfulfilled. Usually the mood is bad when women see where they are.

In order for it to be a success, both partners must always want what they do. This includes talks and agreements that you have to make with your partner before visiting the Desire Resort.

Age of guests

The average age of the guests varies constantly but it can be said that the guests are somewhat older. However, exceptions confirm the rule. On average, you will encounter couples between 30 and 65 years of age. It should be remembered that the room prices are very high for younger people.

Our conclusion

Couples who are looking for a place where they can be as they want to be are in the right place at Desire Resort. It is the perfect place to make dreams and fantasies come true. You can push your boundaries and spend an exciting holiday with other couples who share the same passion.

Many people don't even know that this place really exists. Walking under the starry sky on the beach, candlelight dinner and laughing with other adult (new) friends is what you and your partner can expect in a perfect setting, just right to enjoy it with your partner!

The Desire Resort has changed the lives of so many couples. When will you visit the paradise for couples, in the heart of the Riviera Maya?

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