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Which Rooms are the best in the Desire Resort?


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Temptation Cancun Resort

Temptation Cancun Resort

The Accommodations in the Desire Resort

More than 15 years ago the hotel started with five room categories. Meanwhile the Superior Garden and the Desire Suites have been added, and now our guests can choose from among seven room categories. The beach hotel has 112 rooms, which are spread among 16 houses with two floors each. The houses are arranged in four rows. The site has a layout of a small village. The houses are spread across in tropical gardens that are well kept. In our guidebook you can read more about the different rooms.

Desire Resort Rooms

Which Rooms are the best in the Desire Resort?

We have been asked many times which rooms we would recommend. The expectations of the guests vary to a great extent. Some guests want big rooms, which are peacefully situated. Others want rooms that are located close to the events. To give you an accurate overview of the rooms, we will give you a few tips on how to find your favorite room in the hotel.

Desire Resort Bars

Desire Resort Bars

Discover the 5 bars including a nightclub and a playroom for couples on the first floor of the lobby.


The Deluxe Garden Room (58 Rooms)

Deluxe Garden
Room size

24 m²

The sizes of the rooms vary slightly, depending on the house the room is located in. The size indication is inclusive of the bathroom. The rooms are located in the houses: 10, 12, 13, 14, 17, 18, 19, 21, 23 and 24. They are placed on the ground floor and on the second floor. They are located in the second, third and fourth row from the beach.

Whosoever wants to be closer to the events, or wants bigger rooms, and is not sensitive to noise, can demand a room with the numbers 1911, or 1912, 1811, 1812, 1411, 1412, or 1311, and 1312. All these rooms are located on the first floor and some of them have a bit of a view to the sea.

The rooms with the numbers 1711, 1712, 1211 and 1212 are all located on the first floor, and are located directly in the passage area. Whosoever wants to go to his room, the spa, the fitness center, restaurants or the Jacuzzi lounge, will have to pass this spot. Further Deluxe Garden rooms are located in house 10. House 10 has 16 rooms, of which eight are facing the front, in direction of the pool. Eight rooms are facing the direction auf the parking lot, and the entry of the hotel. In the rear rooms the sun only shines through in the morning.

The Jacuzzi lounge is situated on the roof, and we strictly discourage to take the rooms underneath it. The guests of the Jacuzzi lounge could cause some loud noise. Also in house 10, the pumping system of the Jacuzzi lounge might cause some noise pollution. Whosoever wants to sleep early and does not want to use earplugs is advised to choose another room.

Don’t think that the guests are not interested in these rooms. It’s actually the other way round: many of the guests choose these rooms because they are bigger, and the pool, the beach and the restaurants are only a few steps away.

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Our Opinion ...

The Deluxe Garden contains the most inexpensive rooms in the hotel, which are also discounted. Please look for existing offers. Some of the rooms are rather small and don’t offer many storage options, in others there can be some noise disturbance. We would recommend this room category, if you want to use the room only for sleeping purpose, or you are looking for some tranquility. The quietest rooms are situated left to the lobby, close to the spa and the fitness center. We recommend the rooms in the houses 21, 23, or 24. If you prefer to be close to the events you should consider house 10.

Superior Garden Room (10 Rooms)

Superior Garden
Room size

31 m²

The sizes of the rooms vary slightly, depending in which house the room is located. The size indication is inclusive of the bathroom. The rooms are located in the houses: 13, 14, 18 and 19, and are all placed in the ground floor. The houses are situated in the second and third row from the beach. We recommend these rooms because they consist of a living space of 15 square meters.

If you are looking for a balcony, or a terrace then these rooms are out of question. The houses of the Superior Garden rooms extend parallel, right and left to the Lobby Lounge.

In the houses 18 and 19 one can expect some noise disturbances, because of the adjoining Melange bar. The guests stay in the bar till the early morning hours, and music is being played during that time. On the other side, in the houses 14 and 13 one can hear the sound from the pool and the music that is being played at the pool, however that is only till about 6 pm.

Many guests prefer these rooms because they are situated directly at the pool and the sea is only a few meters away.

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Our Opinion ...

We recommend this room category to the couples that want to have more living area and don’t demand any balcony or terrace.

Deluxe Ocean Room (28 Rooms)

Deluxe Ocean
Room Size

25 m²

The sizes of the rooms vary slightly, depending in which house the room is located. The size indication is inclusive of the bathroom. The rooms are located in the houses: 15, 20, 22 and 25, and all are placed on the ground and first floor.

There is nothing bad one can say about the houses with a view to the sea. All rooms are located in the first line to the sea. These two rooms in house 15 are a bit bigger than the remaining Deluxe Ocean rooms.

Some of the guests might feel disturbed by the fact that in the room on the ground floor, the view is slightly restricted by the beach beds that stand in front.

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Our opinion ...

The advantage about these rooms is that the other guests don’t need to pass from here, unless they also have a room in the Deluxe Ocean or in the Passion Suite. We would recommend choosing a room in the Deluxe Ocean that is situated on the first floor.

Jacuzzi Garden (2 Rooms)

Jacuzzi Garden
Room size

31 m²

The size indication of the rooms is inclusive of the bathroom. The rooms are located in house 12 on the ground floor.

There are only two Jacuzzi Garden rooms. Their number is 1201 and 1202, and both are not recommendable. The rooms are big, but their location is badly chosen. One is affected by the passing-by of the other hotel guests.

Left to the rooms is Jacuzzi lounge, the restaurants and the pool. On the right side are the boutique, the hotel lobby with a disco and the Melange bar

The most unpleasant fact is that the rooms are next to the pump system of the Jacuzzi lounge and the sound of the pumps is to be heard till the early morning hours.

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Our opinion ...

Try to avoid these rooms. Even if you feel that you are not sensitive to noise, the whistling sound of the pumps can drive someone crazy. The pumps are located left to room no. 1201 and are not noise-protected. While the pump circulates the water, it creates very disturbing whistling sounds.

Jacuzzi Ocean (2 Rooms)

Jacuzzi Ocean
Room size

23 m²

The size indications of the rooms are inclusive of the bathroom. The rooms are located in house 15 on the ground floor. The rooms are beautiful, spacious and bright, but sadly without a terrace.

As a result of the construction of the new Desire Suites there are now only two rooms left in this category. The rooms have the numbers 1501 and 1502 and are certainly recommendable.

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Our Opinion ...

These rooms are highly recommendable, because they are bright, quiet and spacious. There is no terrace but the beach and the sea are only a few steps away.

Passion Suites (10 Rooms)

Passion Suite
Room size

46 m² - 65 m²

The size of these rooms is about 65 square meters and about 46 square meters. The suites are located directly at the beach in the houses 11 and 20. In house 20 the rooms are bigger (about 65 square meters), and are located on the first floor.

In house 11 the suites are located on the ground floor and on the first floor. The terraces offer enough space for couples to chill or party. All suites have their own beach beds on the beach and a butler who likes to take care of the guests’ needs. Whosoever likes the quiet might prefer the suites with number 1103, 1104 on the ground floor, or 1113 and 1114 on the first floor.

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Our Opinion...

These rooms are spacious, bright and airy, and offer the possibility to have private parties. The butler service is a great addition.

Desire Suiten (4 Rooms)

Desire Suite
Room size:

140 m²

These suites are newly constructed and very exclusive. They are the highlight in the hotel and they are usually quickly booked up despite the high price. All the four suites share a swim-up pool, which stretches along the building. It is self-evident that there is a butler service available. All suites extend over two floors and they offer a fantastic view over the beach and sea. Extra services make these suites very desirable.

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Summing up ...

We recommend the Superior Garden, the Jacuzzi Ocean and the Desire Suites. We hope that you will now be able to decide which room is best suitable for you. We still recommend that you call us before placing a reservation, to clear up any remaining questions, or to help you with your choice.

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