Room Preferences

Room Preferences

If your desired room is available, we will gladly assign it to you. However, we cannot give you any guarantee!


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Temptation Cancun Resort

Temptation Cancun Resort

Desire Resort room preferences

Naturally, reserving the desired room is a priority for most of our clients. As getting the desired room could mark the perfect beginning of a holiday, disappointments are likely to occur if the room is already booked But frankly, you dont book the Desire Resort to spend the whole day in your room. Let us explain to you in detail how we manage the room assignment.

Reception Desire Riviera Maya Resort

Reservation from customers

All reservations, whether through tour operators, travel agencies, or direct sale, are directed towards the Desire Resort's central reservation office in Cancún, where the resort’s headquarters is located. The hotel Desire Resort is located 35 km away from the reservation office, nearby Puero Morelos (12km distance). The reservation office manages all the bookings. However, the rooms are directly assigned during the check-in at the reception.

The Reception

Usually, the staff member’s from the reception can freely chose which specific room to assign to our guests. The reception also handles other tasks that are indirectly related to the rooms. Often the reception does not have many options, as the Desire Resort is always well visited. The front desk also takes other tasks, which indirectly deal with the rooms, for example customer requests are processed here.

Ein Kundenanliegen weswegen sich ein Gast an die Rezeption wendet kann sein, das ein Zimmer Probleme hat, vielleicht ist das Zimmer dem Gast zu laut. Einige Gäste möchten gern nahe an der Aktion sein. Andere Gäste wünschen mehr Ruhe und suchen lieber ein Zimmer weiter entfernt. Zimmer am Pool haben oft den Nachtteil, das es lauter werden könnte.

Wenn es eine Beschwerde geben sollte, wird das Personal sich immer um ein anderes Zimmer für den Gast bemühen. Beachten sollte man, wenn das Zimmer keine Mängel aufweist, das der Gast den Umzug in ein anderes Zimmer bezahlen muss. (Endreinigung)

At the same time, situations occur where guests forget to turn the water off in the whirlpool, causing the room beneath to be affected by water damage. In such cases, the staff may need to assign and prepare a different room for the affected guests. Such events are common in a hotel’s daily business and cannot be anticipated. Therefore, it is best to assign rooms at the reception.

Room categories / Room numbers

Every hotel, including the Desire Resort, reserves room categories, but not specific room numbers. Prices and description also always refer to a room category, rather than a room number.

Firsttime visitors at Desire

Firsttime visitors

If you are visiting the Desire Resort for the first time and you still don't know which rooms are best, get in touch with us. We are glad to help. The rooms at the Desire Resort have some special characteristics. If you have received a room you do not like, please get in touch with the reception. If you would like to change a room, although it does not show any deficiencies, we will charge you a 50.- USD service fee. This fee is charged, as the room would require unexpected cleaning.


If you return to the Desire Resort for a second time, you will know your way around and which room suits you best. Regular clients, so called "Repeaters", who have been to the Desire Resort many times, are naturally likely to know all the rooms, every staff member, and where they like it best.

Returning clients expect to receive the desired room, especially because they reserved early in advance, hoping to get the desired rooms. Some clients hope to earn the sympathy of certain staff members through generous tipping, which might work out in some cases.

Because the Desire Resort has a lot of returning clients from all over the world, it is simply impossible for every single one to get a "best" room, because this might be exactly the same one for two different people. No matter what promises are made to you, whether locally, by employees or other providers, room requests can not be guaranteed!

The only golden rule for us is: We are doing our best to fulfill your requests for specific rooms. That's why we ask our clients to tell us which specific room or location within the resort they prefer. You can state your preference during the reservation, express check-in, or on the hotel voucher in the "Special Request" field.

Desire Resort Bars

Desire Resort Bars

Discover the 5 bars including a nightclub and a playroom for couples on the first floor of the lobby.


The best room

The best rooms at the Hotel

There is no such thing as a perfect room. Some people might prefer being closer the pool in order to follow the happenings there, and would not mind the noise.

Others are looking for a quiet environment and prefer a room where others don't pass by too often. After all, personal taste dictates what’s good or bad. Let us advise you. Tell us what you are looking for and we recommend you a room which will meet your requirements.


Which rooms are the best at the Desire Resort?

If you have ever stayed at the Desire Riviera Maya Resort, than you perhaps already know which room is the the best room for you. If not, just read our information about the best rooms at the Desire Resort. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call me.

+49 30 340 92 963


Indeed, some guests attempt to avoid the regular procedures for room assignments. The staff is offered money in secret for obtaining the best room, the best service, the best sunbed, the sweetest smile, and so on.

As for some employees these tips can equate a monthly salary, it is unfortunately difficult to prevent this kind of behavior.

We do not support such acts under any circumstances. In the Desire Resort, tips are included. You are certainly welcome to tip staff members if you are happy with their services, however, please don't try to pay for services that are already included in your room price.



Timeshare sellers are known for promising whatever it takes to get the signature of a potential client. Their offered services are in many cases not, or only partly, delivered. The seller’s only goal is his or her own profit. In order to achieve this, they promise additional services, such as the preferred room, in return to signing a timeshare contract. Timeshare sellers attempt to make you feel special and better than the others. They explain how cheap a timeshare package and its included services are.

Timesharing is part of the tourism industry in the US. Many hotels on the Riviera Maya, especially the big hotels with hundreds of rooms, leave nothing to be desired to fill their rooms.

If you feel pressed by a timesharer, please inform the Guest Manager or the staff at the reception. In addition, please state your experience explicitly in your feedback during check-out.
We have made an agreement with Desire Resort, that our customers are not addressed or harassed by Timesharern. If this does not happen, please contact us immediately.

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