All information about the ports that will be approached during the Desire Cruise.

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Temptation Cancun Resort


Information about all ports that are approached during Desire Cruise. Land excursions can be booked at the concierge (deck 4) as well directly in your cabin via the TV with the onboard program. Many of the driven destinations can be explored on your own without any problems.


Barcelona, Spain

The secret capital of Spain

Arrive to Barcelona at least one day before, as Barcelona has to offer a lot. We recommend visiting the Dali Museum. The Dali Museum is located approximately 350 meters from La Rambla del Estudis / Rambla de Canaletes. If you are also interested in Picasso, you must go to the Carrer Montcada 15-23.

The Church Santa Maria del Mar is very impressive when it is highlighted by lighting in the evening. The La Sagrada Familia is truly amazing, and it is hard to believe that it is created by human hands. But one can have been a witness, their construction began as early as 1882 and has not yet been completed. It is not until 2026, the 100th anniversary of Antoni Gaudí who is the creator of the church and also built Casa Batlló and Casa Milà, these all are landmarks of Barcelona and a must see. If you want to see more of Barcelona and want to experience more, we recommend the great website of Barcelona.com

Here you can have a tour prepared by a local and compiled as an app. Ingeniously made and with 5.- Euro per day not expensive, all the information you will have on the phone.

Information for cruise participants

From Barcelona Airport (BCN) to the Cruise Port it is about 15 km (about 25 minutes). La Rambla, the famous promenade at the center of Barcelona, is located directly near the port. Please note that you must check-in at the latest 2 hours before your departure. The process can be accelerated by issuing your manifest online. Online check-in is possible up to 5 days before departure. If you are not on board 60 minutes before departure, you can not participate in the cruise. In this case, reimbursement of the cabin price is excluded. If you want to arrive earlier than the cruise to Barcelona, we recommend either the Hotel 1898, Les Rambles 109 in 08002 Barcelona Hotel 1898 if you are on luxury, or the slightly cheaper Hotel Barcelona Catedral in Carrer dels Capellans 4, 08002 Barcelona Hotel Barcelona Catedral. Both hotels are relatively close to the cruise port.

Sète France

Sète France

Mediterraner Stil mit italienischen Akzenten

Sète is located directly on the Mediterranean Sea, 35 km from Montpellier, or 16 km from the Beach in Cap de Agde. Sète is almost completely surrounded by water. On the one hand, the lagoon L'étang de Thau on the other side of the Mediterranean. On the partly very narrow strip of land is one of the most beautiful sandy beaches of the French Mediterranean.

The well-developed beach has a length of over 12 km and offers beside restaurants a well-developed bike path. Bicycles can be rented directly at the beach. The route is particularly beautiful because of the numerous vineyards on the edge of the route.

There are also numerous water sports activities like diving, sailing, kayak trips, wind and kite surfing are possible, you can book directly in the water sports centers on the beach. If you want visit Sète comfortably then you can use the electric tuk-tuks for a 1 to 1.5 hour city tour. The prices vary and the tours are offered only in French language. Also recommended are the restaurants with the "Maître Restaurateur" award, the restaurants offer local dishes with fresh ingredients from the local area. They offer mostly 4 starters and main dishes with 4 desserts. The restaurants open on April 1st and close all over the winter season.

If you like oysters and shells, you will love Sète, because here you will find dozens of oysters and mussels growers which sell their goods directly to the restaurants. You can not get it anywhere fresher. The starting point is the center of Sète with the Canal Royal (Royal Canal), where many souvenir shops and restaurants are located. Stylistically, the city is a mixture of Mediterranean styles with Italian accents. The 183-meter high town hill Mont Saint-Clair, on the southern outskirts of the city, offers panoramic views from every angle in all directions.

Marseille, France

Marseille France

Although Marseille is part of the Provence region, Marseille has its own soul. Founded by a Greek sailor 600 years before Christ, Marseille is the oldest city in France, the second largest after Paris and the city with the largest trading port. Marseille is not a simple city which spontaneously opens to the visitor. It is a capital of southern Europe, cosmopolitan and lush with the old picturesque harbor, its bouillabaisse and their folklore.

On the one hand the old town with the harbor and the cliff streets high above the sea. On the other hand, the great population density, the commercial port, the oil industry and the airport, play an important role in the economy throughout the Provence. They complete the image of a city that is not only economically but also culturally and scientifically really rich. Their most famous contemporary is the former footballer Zinédine Zidane.

To discover the unique character and beauty, you have to leave the city center and explore some of the neighborhoods of which there more tha 100. Each district is a small Provencal village with its own church, a playground for boules and with the obligatory plane trees. You can visit the church of the patron of the sailors, Notre Dame de la Garde, located 162 m above sea level. It is also possible to discover Marseille from the coast, such as Iles de Frioul and the Chateau d'If with the legend of the Earl of Monte Christo.

Monaco, Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Playground of Rich and famous people

Everyone knows, just a few people have been there. We talk about Monte Carlo in Monaco. There is one police officer per 100 inhabitants, most of the most modern and efficient policemen in all Europe can be found there. 24 hours video supervision of almost everyone in Monaco, begging or sloppy clothes are prohibited, and traffic laws are prosecuted and enforced. If you can call a city "safe", this one is Monte Carlo.

You can enjoy Monte Carlo thanks to the security conditions through the entire city. Touristic centers are Place du Casino, the famous Monte Carlo Casino and Hotel de Paris, and the grand Opera. The ship will arrive at Port Hercule, in front of the Casino. In the city, French is the main language, but also Italian and English is spoken in many places. Of course, all the world knows the Formula 1 grand prix, which takes place every year.

The old town in Monaco, Monaco Ville, is in the middle of the Prince rocks. Here there are many stores, cafés and boutiques, and of course, the Prince’s palace. Interesting to see are the large yachts of the rich high society located at Port Hercule. In Larvotto you can find the Monaco public beach, too crowded on summer months, and not pleasant. If you are looking for somewhere to rest, the Jardin Exotique garden in Monaco is highly recommended, due to its amazing view on the Principality.


Portofino Italy

Jetset Meeting point

The small town, Portofino, at the Italian coast, covers a quiet seaside with the shape of a half moon, and it's surrounded by the natural park vegetation and the sea life reservation. In the 50's and 60's Portofino was discovered by the rich and famous people, who found the charm "Dolce Vita" and they celebrate exclusive parties here. Nowadays Portofino is known as a destination for international tourism and jet set.

Many international fashion houses still feel connected to Portofino, just like Louis Vuitton, Door Gucci, Emilio Pucci and many more. Today, this luxury and meditertanean fishing town personality still attracts artists, celebrities and writers all the time. The charming of this town, the fine cuisine the Liguria region and the uncountable cultural and natural routes, makes this Tigullioun Gulf corner, an ideal destination no matter the season. Local traditions can be seen on a walk through the streets of Portofino Village. Portofino is located near a variety of fascinating destinations such as the city of Genova, located only 30km away.

Pisa, Italy

Livorno (Pisa) Italy

One port, two incredible cities

The Port city of Livorno is a preferred destination by Mediterranean cruises and a nice start point for excursions in the Tuscany to Florence and Pisa, two inner cities, which can be easily reached from Livorno. If you are not a passenger in our guided visits on Azamara Quest, you should use the paid transportation service, because you can’t walk out of the port. The transportation service costs approximately 5 Euros (round trip) and it takes you to Livorno Downtown, right behind Piazza Grande. Livorno can be easily explored on your own, and in the bus station surroundings you can find touristic information, and brochures and maps are available too.

From Livorno you can get to Pisa 3 times a day by bus. The trip costs 15 Euros and takes 45 minutes. You can take around 2,5 hours to get to know Pisa before going back to Livorno.

The Italian city of Pisa is one of the main interest points in Italy and it’s only 20 km away from Livorno. Who doesn’t know the inclined bell tower of Pisa? Inclined like this since 1174 because of the soft subsoil. Pisa has way much more to offer than just an inclined tower. The historical life of the city with its various monuments and architectural treasures makes every cultured heart to beat faster. Find their untouched domes, cathedrals, cemeteries and temples from long ago and all their history. For example, this is where Galileo Galilei studied the falling bodies’ law.

But Pisa also invites you to walk around and discover, design stores and fancy cafés at the Borgo Stretto in the north side of the Arno. Try to discover local Tuscany region products, such as wine, olive oil, truffles or cherries in the various restaurants and marketplaces. Traditional and regional specialties for ethnic and international cuisine can be found here. Also, vegetarian and gluten free menus are here.

Florence, Italy

Livorno (Florence) Italy

Ein Hafen, zwei unglaubliche Städte

From Livorno, there is also a bus to Florence, the capital of Tuscany, twice a day. The journey takes about 80 minutes and costs about 30 euros to explore the beautiful city of Florence. You have about 4.5 hours before the bus goes back. You can discover more in Florence by walking, because most of the interesting places are at the immediate area between the cathedral square and Pitti Palace.

Florence is home of some of the greatest artistic treasures in the world, museums, palaces and churches. The most popular and important places are the cathedrals, the baptistery, the Uffizien, the Bargello and the Accademia. Santa Maria Novella and Santa Croce churches, and San Lorenzo library with the exhibition of the architectural genius, Michelangelo, are real art galleries. Needless to say about the various art at Pitti Palace.

The historic downtown at Florence is a mixture of the great art, monumental history and tempting stores, full of tastes, smells and colors from Tuscany in general. Give a walk by one of the various side streets and you will discover colored paperwork, traditional ceramics or the latest fashion in one of the various stores as Ferragamo, Florence Conte and Gucci. Try the local marketplaces’ wines, cheeses, Focaccia bread, and much more. There is so much to discover, that probably one day won’t be enough.

Rome, Italien

Rome Italy

The eternal city, Rome

Rome is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and most photographed cities in the world. Every year millions of tourists come from all over the world to admire the treasures and masterpieces of Roman art and architecture.

The Modern and the old, the past and the present go side by side. The world's largest open air museum is best visited in April, May and late September to October, as the heat of summer and the crowds make the city almost intolerable. For first-time visitors, Rome can be confusing because the eternal City has so much to offer and many tourist attractions.

Rome is fascinating, which is not surprising, you just need to think of the Vatican, the Trevi Fountain, the St. Peters Squre, the Spanish Steps, the Coliseum or the Renaissance and Baroque districts. Rome's squares are one of the main attractions of the Italian capital, perhaps "the core" of the city itself. And there is no place in Rome without fountains, each with its own artistic value and history.

To visit the most important sights of Rome, you need at least four days. To explore the entire city of Rome faster or even just inone day is almost impossible. Decide whether you want to follow the typical tourist paths or you go on your own to explore the many historical, architectural and tourist attractions.

Desire Bars

Desire Resort Bars

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