Cabins Guide

Cabins Guide

Get an overview of the cabins on board of the Desire Cruise.

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Monday - Thursday
9:00 am - 6:00 pm (CET)

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Ship Details

690 (double occupancy)

Net Tonnage:
30.277 tons

Length: 180 m
Width: 25 m
Guest Decks: 8

Cruising speed:
18,5 knots

Renovated: 2016

Electrical current:
110/220 Volt

Officers and crew: 408
Register of shipping: Malta

Temptation Cancun Resort

Temptation Cancun Resort

Cabins Guide

Which cabins are the best on board?
Our cabin adviser helps you to choose the best cabin on board. Generally it should be noted, that certainly most of the time you will be outside of your cabin, therefore often it makes no sense to spend a lot of money for a great cabin if you're only there to sleep.

Deck 4 Desire Cruise, the Concierge Deck

Concierge Deck

The Concierge Deck or Deck 4 is the lowest deck with cabins on board. The problem with Deck 4 is that it is located under Deck 5 where the Cabaret Lounge, the casino, the Mosaic Café, the Discovery Lounge and Restaurant are found.

Especially in the cabins 4000 to 4023, which are directly under the Cabaret Lounge, some noise may be heard for a few hours during the presentation, before, as well as after.

The Club Ocean Cabins 4047 and 4049 Sea side are a little larger than the other Club Ocean Cabins. The Interior Cabins 4028 and 4034 are also larger, as these are suitable for wheelchairs. Also cabin 4035 is larger, as it has a different profile.

The Interior Cabins 4028, 4034 and 4038 and the Club Ocean Cabin 4016 - 4042 port side, and the cabins on the sea side with the numbers 4019 to 4041 are located directly below the casino and might experience noise pollution especially in the evenings. Cabins on deck 4 are particularly suitable for guests who do not stay often or long in their cabins. Otherwise it is advisable to bring earplugs.


We recommend Deck 4 only for guests who are not staying in their cabins for long periods of time. Bring earplugs. Choose a cabin in the middle of the ship if you get seasick: here the swings from the ship in heavy seas are the lowest.

Deck 5 Desire Cruise, Shops, entertainment & restaurants

Pool Deck

Deck 5 does not have any guest cabins. Located here are the Cabaret Lounge, the casino, the Mosaic Café, the Discovery Lounge, the Discovery restaurant and the Quest Shop. On Deck 5, the theme evenings will take place.

Deck 6 Desire Cruise, here it might be louder

Cruise balcony cabin

Deck 6 cabins have similar problems to deck 4, however, these cabins are located under the localities which can cause noise pollution and not above as on Deck 4.

The cabins 6000 to 6028 are all located port side and are above the cabaret, this also applies for cabins 6001 to 6031 and the Interior Cabins 6010 and 6011. The cabins 6002 and 6003 are Club Ocean Suites with 45 square meters: these are two of the largest cabins on board. These types of cabins include a 16 square meters (approx.) large veranda.

The Club Ocean Cabins 6000, 6001, 6090 and 6093 have a great view of the sea.

The most beautiful Cabins are the Club World Owner's Suites. The Club Ocean Cabins 6030 to 6046 and 6033 to 6049 are not only partially over the casino, these cabins also offer a limited view of the sea / harbor. Those looking for an Interior Cabin, should avoid deck 6.

Deck 6 has two cabins, 6054 and 6056 that are suitable for wheelchairs. The Discovery Restaurant on deck 5 is located below the cabins with numbers 6072 to 6090, and 6075 to 6093. Discovery Restaurant is the main restaurant on board and might be the cause of some noise for these cabins, particularly at mealtimes and during staff cleaning times.

Deck 7 Desire Cruise, our recommendation


Deck 7 is our recommendation for those seeking a quiet and beautiful cabin. Interior Cabin are much quieter than on all other decks. Neither upward (Deck 8) nor underneath (Deck 6) are public spaces that would cause noise pollution.

If you want a cabin with a balcony (and there is nothing more beautiful than to enjoy a nice breakfast in the morning on your own balcony), you should ensure that you get the Club Ocean Suite 7004 or 7005 or the Club Veranda 7000 and 7001, all with great views of the sea.

But also the outside cabins 7008 to 7112 and 7009 to 7117 have nice verandas. Of course, the Club World Owner's Suites remain the largest and most beautiful but also the most expensive suites on board, both 7114 and 7119 have great sea views and large verandas.

Both Club Deluxe Veranda Suites 7116 and 7121 are smaller than the other Veranda Suites but have fabulous sea views.

Deck 8 Desire Cruise, the most popular deck on board

Living Room

The cabins here become booked up very quickly. Located here are the best cabins on the Desire Cruise, and the best service staff. But beware, Deck 9 is the party area: the clothing optional pool area, meeting point and cafes.

The cabins 8012 - 8052 and 8015 - 8055 , and the Interior Cabins 8018 - 8051 are all located under the pool area. It may be noisy. The Club Veranda Cabins 8000 to 8034 on the port side and the cabins sea side 8001 - 8037 are further ahead on Deck 8 and probably quieter than some of the other accommodations on this deck.

The best section on Deck 8 of the Desire Cruise is where Suites 8036 - 8088 are located (port side) including the cabins 8039 - 8091. Here you find the Club Continent Suites and the two Club World Owner's Suites 8088 and 8091. As already mentioned, the Club World Owner's Suites are the most spacious and luxurious Suites on the Desire Cruise and offer excellent views of the sea.

The two Club Deluxe Verandah Suites, 8090 and 8093, are on deck 8 between the Club World Owner's Suites. Both have an incredible view of the sea and are highly recommended!

Deck 9 Desire Cruise, exclusive and quiet with just 2 cabins

Thalasso Pool

Deck 9 holds two exclusive cabins: the Spa Suites. The Spa Suites are new on board. We are currently unable to comment on this cabin type; we will update you in the coming year when we have the first customer experience.

Please note
All information on our website about the size of the cabins are approximate dimensions and no binding information. Images are for illustrative purposes, the shown design or the profile is for representation only.

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