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Temptation Cancun Resort

Temptation Cancun Resort

Bonus program

With us you will reduce the price of your stay. Our attractive bonus program is available exclusively to Aphrodite Travel customers.

Bonus points

Bonus points

The bonus points are our customer discounts. Each time you book with Aphrodite Travel, you will automatically be credited with bonus points. For a turnover of 1000.- USD you receive 100 bonus points. These 100 bonus points have a value of 10.- USD. You'll find your current bonus points in the hotel offer or on the hotel bill. Bonus points can reduce the price of your stay or can be exchanged for services such as transfers.

You receive bonus points (rounded to full points) only on the room rate, your room rate is shown as a total price in your bill. You can use your bonus points for the next reservation only. Bonus points can be combined with other discounts.

Notes about bonus points

  • Bonus points are only available on the room rate
  • Bonus points can be combined with hotel discounts and tell a friend discounts
  • No cash withdrawals for bonus points possible
Tell a Friend

Tell a Friend

Tell a Friend is our Friends referral program. We have a hard time advertising our website and services in some countries. Google & Co classifies our content (web pages) as adult content. It is not a problem in some neighboring European countries, but it is a problem in Germany because of the child protection law.

Therefore, we are dependent on "mouth to mouth" propaganda from our customers. Today most customers come by recommendation from other couples who have already booked with us. We are pleased about every recommendation and therefore we would like to thank customers who recommend us.

If you would like to recommend us, just tell your friends or acquaintances, that they just need to mention your name on the reservation. It's worth it not only for you but also for your friends if they follow your recommendation, they receive a "First Contact Bonus" from us. After the reservation of your friends, you will receive an e-mail from us.

Notes about our Tell a Friend Bonus

  • Only Aphrodite Travel's existing customers can avail themselves for a tell a friend bonus
  • The tell a friend bonus can be combined with the bonus points and the fan discount
  • Tell a friend bonus can be deducted immediately or at your next hotel booking.
  • No cash payment possible

Fan discount

We offer the new Fan discount in cooperation with some hotels. Unfortunately, not all hotels are ready to offer a fan discount. With regular updates, we keep you up-to-date. The fan discount will give you discounts if you place a new reservation during your current stay. To participate in the fan discount we only need your mobile phone number that you have with you during your stay. After approximately 3 or 4 days you receive our offer including your Fan Discount by SMS (Text Message) on your mobile phone. The SMS (Text Message) shows you the expected price of your next stay. A short feedback from you is enough for us. The deposit of 2 room nights is made by credit card at the hotel or within 7 days after you returned from your trip. We will take care of the remaining formalities for you as usual

Notes about the Fan discount

  • New reservation required during your stay at the hotel
  • Two room nights deposit, balance payment up to 30 days before arrival
  • The fan discount can be combined with bonus points, tell a friend bonus and hotel discounts
  • Bonus points will be credited after deducting all possible discounts, to your new reservation
  • A reservation with the fan discount can be subject to modified cancellation and payment conditions

Questions about the discounts or bonus program?

Please call us if you have any questions about the discounts or our bonus program. We will be glad to answer all your questions. Please note that you can not get any discounts if you pay directly at the hotel. Here only the Hotel discounts are counted.

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