Beach beds

Beach beds

The beach beds at the Desire Riviera Maya Resort!

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Temptation Cancun Resort

Are the beach beds at Desire Resort free of charge?

Who does not dream of lying comfortably with his beloved in a beach bed and listening to the noise of the waves with a delicious cocktail in your hand. The beach beds are the perfect place for this and a popular place to stay.

The Beachbeds are free of charge!

The Beachbeds and sun loungers, whether on the beach or by the pool are accessible free of charge for each guest and can be reassigned every day, respectively can be reselected every day. There are few exceptions.

Beach Beds

The beach beds right in the first beach line, a popular place at Desire Resort

Premium Guests

Beach beds, sunbeds and lounge beds by the pool, are reserved only for premium guests and guests of Passion Suites, these Beach beds and loungers are not available to other guests. If Beach beds or sun loungers not used by the premium guests or guests of the Passion Suites, they are assigned by the concierge also.

Couple, naked on the Beach bed

You want your own beach bed?

If you want to have a specific beach bed for a day or a week guaranteed by yourself, you pay 20,- USD per day. For one week, a lump sum is agreed (100.- USD).

There is a Concierge on the beach and by the pool who takes care of the reservations of the Beach beds and loungers. The concierge accompanies you and prepares the beach bed for you.

The friendly staff serve refreshing drinks of your choice on the beach and pool until late afternoon. For a tip of a few extra dollars your favorite drinks come to you.

Whatever you're going to decide, for each guest there is a suitable place in the Desire Resort whether at the beach or poolside.

Please note, private stuff which only serve to occupied the beach bed, will be removed by the concierge and left at reception.

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