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Temptation Cancun Resort

Temptation Cancun Resort

Discover freedoms, live fantasies

This is our slogan since 2012 for a holiday where you can discover your freedoms and live your fantasies. This is what Aphrodite Travel stands for since 2004.

Aphrodite Travel belongs to the pioneers on the lifestyle travel market. We were not only one of the first travel agencies for lifestyle vacations, today we are also one of the lifestyle travel agencies which still operates on the market. Since 2004 we offer selected hotels to openminded couples and singles from all over world for their nudist and swinger vacations.

Our long-term partners include since 2004 also the Desire Riviera Maya Resort.

Desire Riviera Maya Resort

The Desire Riviera Maya Resort is a couples only, clothing-optional lifestyle resort, only for adult couples over 21 years. The hotel offers the perfect opportunity to spend your next holiday completely different.

How it all began...

Aphrodite Travel Logo

2004 managing director Andrea Fitza founded an online travel agency and called it Aphrodite Travel, named after the goddess of love, beauty and the sensual desires.

With Aphrodite Travel, she managed to occupy a market, which is wholly different from regular tourism. Adults book a holiday that gives them the chance to live their erotic fantasies within a secure environment, with a respectable and clean image. These principles were fundamental in the selection of the hotel and the private services

Today Aphrodite Travel is a brand of the BlueFields GmbH and belongs to the leading providers in Europe. We are proud that, for many years, most of the couples book their holiday at the Desire Resort through us. Our clients come from 40 different countries. Therefore we are the right contact for your holidays at the Desire Resort. We have visited the Desire Resort more than 20 times and we will continue to visit it.

We know the facilities and the surroundings at the Riviera Maya. Through us, you will not only get all insider tips, but we will also assist you regarding your first holiday at the Desire Resort Our advice is neutral and customer-oriented.

The Desire Resort is exclusively for couples over the age of 21. Nudists, lifestyle (swinger) and people who are interested in eroticism will find a beautiful holiday destination here at the Riviera Maya. Nudist fans should be very tolerant and open to new things. We don't advice the Desire Resorts to naturists. The Desire Resort cannot be compared to a swingers club, thus "hardcore swingers" might be disappointed.

The future...

New Temptation Cancun Resort

Last year (2016) the Desire Resort and the Desire Pearl Resort have become a new image. In addition to a new Internet presence, there are now a new logo and also new names. The Desire Resort is now the Desire Riviera Maya Resort and the Pearl Resort is now the Desire Riviera Maya Pearl Resort. The addition of Riviera Maya suggests that there will be another Desire Resort...upps, hopefully we have not betrayed too much. But this much can be said, in the house of original resorts happens a lot.

Another hotel by Original Resorts is the new Temptation Cancun Resort which can be found in CancĂșn. This was newly built this year (2017). An incredible concept and an incredible hotel. The 80 's have been laid down, you can start into the future, with a trendy design, an adapted concept and even more for adults.

The adults only Hotel Temptation Cancun was adapted to the concept of the hotel group with a touch of erotic, for adult couples and singles. A new general manager was hired (2016), now the "ship" gets on the way. Soon after, the opening of a new Temptation Resort in Punta Cana was announced. Grand opening you can expect at the end of 2018 or early 2019 and we are sure, until then we will see also another Desire Resort.

The cruises for couples with Desire Cruises will continue. The first cruise, Venice Foreplay, is almost completely sold out. The second Barcelona - Rome is running very well.

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Aphrodite Travel Naturist and Swinger Hotels Discover freedoms, live fantasies ... An exclusive selection of the best naturist and swinger hotels from all over the world. You can find more information on our Aphrodite Travel website.

Desire Riviera Maya Pearl Resort

Desire Riviera Maya Pearl Resort

The beautiful and exclusive Desire Riviera Maya Pearl Resort is the sister hotel of the Desire Riviera Maya Resort. Only 11 km apart ...
For more information, visit the Desire Riviera Maya Pearl Resort website.

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